High-quality decking boards

You have a house, a garden, the weather is good… It’s time to think about a stylish, unique, wooden terrace! In our offer you will find all the necessary materials to build your dream terrace, as well as professional assistance in their selection.

Planed and profiled softwood products with high dimensional accuracy


  • natural and unique look
  • breaking of the dominant concrete in brick buildings
  • high resistance to weather conditions
  • no heat absorption unlike other materials
  • easy and quick assembly compared to other materials

Terrace boards – pine and spruce

Our offer includes terrace boards made of spruce and pine. It is the perfect choice between quality and price. Terrace boards made of these two types of wood, known as SOFTWOOD, are perfect for Polish terraces and are resistant to very diverse weather conditions. During the production process, the wood is dried to about 18% humidity, which makes the terrace boards resistant to corrosion and insects. Regular maintenance of the terrace with appropriate oils will allow for many years of trouble-free operation of the terrace surface.

Siberian larch decking boards

Siberian larch is very resinous and extremely durable, making it one of the hardest and most durable types of softwood in the world. Siberian larch plank is an excellent cover for both residential and commercial projects.


This wood is characterized by impressive weather resistance, low installation cost, easy maintenance and high production standards. Has a natural resistance to decay! Covering Siberian larch does not require additional processing and can be installed in its natural state


We offer a wide range of standard profiles to choose from


Below you will find examples of finished planed products. On request, the products can be profiled according to the customer’s needs.

Sample projects

A DIY challenge


Try your hand at building a terrace yourself. As it turns out, it is not that difficult. If you have some DIY experience and you have basic tools at your disposal – building a terrace can be very easy. You can also count on us and our tips. Ask our expert.

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