Wood chemicals

We offer a wide range of professional wood protection products along with changing its color according to your preferences.

Professional products for painting and protecting wood


  • intense protection
  • deep impregnation
  • easy application
  • environmentally friendly
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • emphasizes the natural beauty of wood
  • provides high protection against biodegradation in a system with technical impregnation

Koopmans products

Check out Koopmans Paints products:

  • wood oils
  • wood impregnations
  • varnish stains
  • varnishes
  • waxes 
  • flexible acrylic putty

High-quality Koopmans wood products

Remmers products

Discover the Remmers products:

  • oils
  • glazes
  • impregnaty
  • wood cleaners
  • wood deodorizers

High-quality Remmers wood products

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