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When you buy from us, you get the highest quality wood from the best Scandinavian producers and more. Our employees will provide professional advice in the selection of the best wood. In addition, you can buy most of the products “on the spot” – you do not have to wait weeks for your order to be completed.

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The use of wood inside buildings has clear physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effect of spending time in nature. The sense of natural warmth and comfort that wood produces in humans lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, and creates positive energy.

Although wood is not an ideal sound insulator, it prevents reverberation in rooms by absorbing sound waves. Compared to its structural competitors, wood turns out to be much more effective in soundproofing, especially in adjacent rooms. Wood is also used in many concert halls around the world, as it naturally dampens the sound, providing them with perfect acoustics.

If a room is finished with uncoated wood, the humidity level will be regulated, which can be very beneficial for people with respiratory problems. In addition, it is believed that the very appearance of wood soothes the mind and relaxes the nervous system. It is for these reasons that wood is considered a healthier product than metal, plastic or other materials.

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